March 25, 2012

Well here it is!  We’re official!    In just two weeks we will be on our way to Botswana, Africa. Wow, our emotions swing back and forth from pure excitement to outright fear. Some days we wake up and think to ourselves this is so cool – God is so good!  And other days we wake up and think, “What have we done? Are we nuts?”  And it doesn’t take too long to find people that would agree with either of those statements. We have even had one person tell us – tongue in cheek, “If I ever felt like joining the Peace Corps, I would go upstairs and lie down and wait for it to pass.”  Truth be told though, they are one of our biggest supporters.

In getting ready for this, it seems our “To Do List” is growing longer every day.

  • Pack our clothes
  • Read through Peace Corps Documents
  • Make sure we have our forwarding addresses right
  • pack more clothes
  • Make sure we have all our online bill paying capability set
  • Pack more clothes
  • Weigh what we have packed to make sure it is less than 80lbs. – that’s right we have to condense 27 months worth of our stuff into just 80 lbs. each. This reminds me of Boy Scouts backpacking trips where we had to keep our packs to less than 1/3 of our body weight.
  • Get the house ready for sale
  • Apply for an absentee ballot for November’s elections
  • pack more clothes
  • Unpack clothes to get below the 80 lb threshold

One huge answer to prayer came in the past few days. We sold our house – or at least we have an offer and in this market that can only be God! By this time next week we should have everything out of our house and into storage for the next 2 and a half years. Our two sons and their wives will be arriving Friday night for a weekend of packing and moving – what in the world would we do without them.

The next milestone happens on April 5th when we leave Syracuse for good and head to Burnt Hills, NY for a visit with my mom and brother and sister-in-law. On Good Friday we set out for NY City to spend the weekend with Lee and Melinda. On Tuesday the 10th we are due in Philadelphia for Peace Corps “Staging” which involves last minute forms, Passport receipts and final instructions for travel. On the 11th at 11:15 AM we fly out of JFK headed for Botswana. Pray for us please!

Well, this is obviously our first post and it’s our plan for there to be many more. Our goal is to be as informative as possible so you can live the experience with us. We will try to include photographs wherever possible so you can get a glimpse of the surroundings we will be seeing in full color. We are looking forward to an amazing experience – one God has been planning for us. Feel free to share the address with anyone who may be interested.

Stay in Touch. Blessings,

Jeff and Elsa

Matthew 25:40