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Today is Elsa’s birthday and she got a real nice present – unexpected too! It’s nothing I can take any credit for either.  One of our neighbors, who is from South Africa was by to visit Grandma Pearl – our host family grandmother and she saw Elsa and I washing clothes by hand. We had a pretty big pile to do and had just started. When we told her it was Elsa’s Birthday, She said to us, “Why don’t you let me do that because I have a washing machine.”  We said great, and she took the whole pile. What a time saver that will be. Every weekend Elsa and I wash clothes (if the water is on) and it takes us about an hour – wash every piece, rinse them all three times, ring them out good and then put them on the line – all by hand. Elsa does the washing and if I’m fast enough, I can do everything else before there is more in my bucket to rinse. Since everything is dried on the line, they all smell great when they’re all done. You can imagine how hard big things like sheets can be. We’re learning short cuts every time so we will be experts in two years.

Yesterday we learned some more about our house in Mahalapye. We talked to our Peace Corps Program Manager who has seen it and we learned it has four rooms – a kitchen, a bathroom with running water, a bedroom and a sitting room that can double as a spare bedroom when we have guests. It sounds great for us since it has some features above the Peace Corps minimum like indoor plumbing, a hot water heater, and electricity. We are truly blessed. What we have yet to find out about are details about furniture and kitchen supplies like cookware and utensils. Next Wednesday all our questions will be answered when Els and I see it for ourselves.

Did I mention the spare room that can serve as a guest room?  Yes, part of  our plan is to host as many fellow Peace Corps Volunteers traveling back and forth to Gabs and of course family and friends from the USA.

We’re planning a walk into town to get a few supplies and I’m taking Els out for a birthday lunch! Looks pretty good doesn’t it? Happy Birthday Sweetheart!


Jeff-  for the two of us!