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January 21012 marked the one year point since the whole process with the Peace Corps had begun. In April of 2011 we were invited to New York City for our official interview. Jeff set a goal – to be able to make the subway trip and subsequent  walk several blocks and into the Peace Corps Office on his own power – with no cane.

In April 2012 we arrived in Kanye, Botswana to begin our Peace Corps training. One year two landmarks – no make it three – no cane, no limp, no pain!

We joke a lot about what partly contributes to our general fatigue. It goes like this: They use military time here so we only know what time it really is in the morning, we never know what side of the road to walk on and frequently step out in front of oncoming traffic since they drive on the left side, they use the metric system so we don’t know how far anything is, what things weigh and since they use the Celsius scale, we don’t know how hot it is. And then there is the money – we don’t know what anything costs. We can’t speak but about three sentences of the language so about 95% of our day we haven’t got the faintest idea of what is going on around us! Still in all here we are; 57 and 58 years old, tired yes, but no regrets. We are on the adventure of a lifetime – bored stiff some days – dog tired others. To borrow a phrase from Jeff Auser – a fellow Syracusian and a former P.C.V. to Botswana – “We still get stared at as though we just stepped off the mother ship” We often can’t sleep because of cow bells, roosters and barking dogs. But I wouldn’t change it for the world – at least not today


Late last week we received a package from our dear friends David and Anna back in Syracuse. Anna is the director of Eagle Wings Academy and David serves there as a board member (and that’s an understatement considering everything else he does at EWA). Eagle Wings Academy is a unique school in the inner city of Syracuse. They have a heart for God and  a heart for  hurting kids in Syracuse. Check out the ministry in Syracuse at They are faithful readers of our Blog and they read my entry of a couple of weeks ago about the situation at Vision Support Group in Mahalapye. They felt led by the Spirit of God to bless us in such a cool way.

They put together a box of much needed office supplies for the folks  at Vision Support Group and sent it off to us (at no small expense I might add). Well today I brought it to the office and Elsa joined me as they “dug into it” Take a look….


That’s OT Rampoo the Director on the right and the Assistant Director Anna next to him.  Elsa couldn’t resist being there to watch them open the box. The smiles of appreciation were many yesterday – I wish everyone could have been here to share in the blessings from home.

Thanks David and Anna – God bless you for blessing us and the folks at Vision Support Group. You will be remembered for years to come!